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Damballa helps enterprises prevent loss of their data, intellectual property, finances and reputation due to a cyber-security breach. Damballa  cyber security leaders and innovators in advanced threat protection and containment. That means Damballa’s systems help stop malicious behavior from damaging your business.

Damballa Failsafe:      

Enterprise Advanced Threat Protection


Today’s threats evolve constantly. Prevention tools, like anti-virus, firewalls and sandboxes, can’t stop infections they haven’t seen before. Damballa Failsafe is different. It fills the gap between failed prevention and your incident response.

Damballa Failsafe is an automatic breach defense system that detects APT and advanced malware infections with certainty, terminates their activity and gives responders the ammunition needed to rapidly prevent loss.

Damballa Failsafe advanced threat protection delivers actionable information about known and unknown threats regardless of the infection’s source, entry vector or OS of the device. It arms responders with definitive evidence so they can rapidly prevent loss on high-risk devices while blocking activity on the rest.

Damballa CSP for Service Providers


Subscribers are using an increasing number of Internet connected devices (5.7 devices per household in the US1). While Anti-Virus provides basic protection, it is not 100% effective against the newest threats and cannot be used on smart devices for home automation and wearables. However, all of these devices are connected to the Internet. This presents Service Providers (Internet and Wireless) with a strategic opportunity to provide security for their subscribers.

Damballa’s CSP solution enables Service Providers to proactively notify subscribers when they are infected with malware. This solution can be packaged with other security products to increase ROI yield and create new revenue opportunities for transactional or subscription-based prevention and remediation offers.


Despite having limited control over endpoints, Service Providers can be held accountable if their subscribers’ devices are used to perform DDOS attacks, port scanning, spamming, hosting phishing sites and more. The range of unaddressed threats facing CSPs can impact their operation and creditability in various ways, such as:

  • Degraded subscriber experience
  • Fraudulent data and SMS usage charges due to excessive traffic from malicious infections
  • Lost goodwill and damaged subscriber relationships
  • Increased costs of subscriber service operations
  • Regulatory and industry peer pressure
  • Subjection of the Provider to subpoenas for subscriber information